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The Next Generation of Glass Breakers – Top 10
13 June 2018
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Come 2020 what will the new generation of leaders look like, will they break the glass ceiling?

Bold leadership characteristics will be required to ensure your business adapts and thrives into the future.

Stakeholder interactions, especially those involving human capital will need to be radically rethought.

At Express Glass we're constantly reviewing our stakeholder interactions (although not without its challenges) and that's why we believe we're leading the way in emergency building glass services.

Some people are born leaders, others have leadership roles thrust upon them but finding those who demonstrate leadership qualities could be the most valuable asset an organisation can have.

So, what attributes will the new generation of 'bold' leaders require to break that glass ceiling?


Recent research has identified the following top 10:

1. Collaborative Orientation
2. Developer of People
3. Learning Agility
4. Digitally Proficient
5. Global Mindset/Cultural Agility
6. Conscious Capitalist and Leader
7. Future Focus
8. Adaptability and Change Orientation
9. Innovative and Creative Champion
10. 360 Communicator

Do you know an up and coming 'bold' leader breaking that glass ceiling? Share it with us, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

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