Easy Window Maintenance Tips from the Experts!

Easy Window Maintenance Tips from the Experts!

Written by
Adrian Grocott
Express Glass Window Maintenance

Why do windows need maintenance? 

Regular maintenance helps ensure your windows can function properly. Windows are subject to extreme weather temperatures – from extreme dry to wet, humid conditions, wind, hail, ultraviolet light, and more. Regular opening and closing overtime will also cause excessive wear and tear. Make the most of your investment by making sure your windows last as long as possible.


What happens when there’s no maintenance?

A lack of maintenance or no maintenance can lead to dangerous situations. Seemingly small problems can snowball into larger issues if ignored. Here is what could happen when there is no maintenance:

  • Finishes fail
  • Sealants lose flexibility
  • Components rot or corrode
  • Insects bore into wood and movable parts can deflect 
  • Window glass becomes loose, dangerous and cracks/shatters

Unfortunately, without window maintenance the damage becomes cumulative and eventually replacement may become the only option. It’s best to attend to any damaged windows immediately to avoid having to completely replace them.


What can I do to maintain my windows?

  1. Clean: Clean the tracks of your windows (and doors) and remove any dirt.
  2. Check: Check the sealant around the edge of your windows, it should be nice and tight. 
  3. Cut: Trim any low overhanging and overgrown branches away from your windows.
  4. Secure: Secure or put away any loose items on your balcony, in the event of a storm you don’t want them flying around. 


How do I arrange window maintenance?

Simply contact ‘Express Glass Window Maintenance’ on 1300 666 234 or book here now and we’ll coordinate a time to fix your damaged windows. 


Specific and Technical Advice 

All our inspections are tailored to the type of window and the symptoms specific to those windows. We service a wide variety of windows including:  

  • Aluminium
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Vinyl 
  • Fiberglass

We’ll assess wear and tear such as:

  • Sash repairs
  • Window film
  • Corrosion and rust
  • Glass damage
  • Rot and decay
  • Seals
  • Install window locks
  • And much more!

If you have any specific questions in mind, we are always on hand to help.