Crane Job - QUT

Crane Job - QUT

Queensland University of Technology

The Ask:
Replacement of 11 glass panels throughout the lift shaft at the Kelvin Grove campus.

The Challenge:

  1. The lift shaft is located in a public space with high pedestrian and traffic flow throughout the week.
  2. The highest panels were 25m off the ground and weighed 168kg.
  3. We required access to both the internal and external faces of the panels which meant the use of an extensive scaffold.
  4. The removal of tree foliage by the city council.

Through consultation with the partners (listed below) we developed a plan which would ensure the replacements were completed in a safe and timely fashion.

  • QUT project manager.
  • Crane operator.
  • Traffic/Pedestrian control.
  • Scaffolding.
  • Lift technician.
  • Window cleaning.

With several of the Express Glass team on the scaffold and one on top of the lift, the damaged panels were removed and the new ones guided into position by a crane. All glass movement was completed over the weekend as planned and completion occurred later in the week when the glass was cleaned.

The project was completed on time with zero incidents or injuries.