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Drastically Reduce Building Energy Costs by up to 77%*
25 May 2018
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Windows are more than just interesting elements of a building. As well as bringing in light and offering views that connect the interior with the outdoors, they can significantly help with the energy efficiency of a building. How? Read on or book a building glass audit now. 

Windows can be a major source of unwanted heat gain in summer and significant heat loss in winter. An average building has 87% heat gain and 49% heat loss through its windows.

You can prevent up to 77% heat transfer and drastically reduce your footprint and energy costs with the right energy efficient windows.


The type and treatment of building glass are one of the most critical elements in improving the energy efficiency, sound control and relative greenhouse gas emissions of almost any home or business building.

There are many different types of glass and frames to choose from and selecting the right one is critical to improving energy efficiency, controlling noise, maintenance and security of a building.

Under the Building Code of Australia (BCA), manufacturers are required to supply windows, and that meet mandatory minimum specifications for structural adequacy and water penetration resistance under Australian Standard AS2047: Windows in buildings, selection and installation.

At Express Glass with the right glazing solution, we know you can prevent up to 77% heat transfer and drastically reduce energy costs while improving the comfort of your interior environment for your home or business.

Recently, non-conforming, inferior and shoddy building glass products have been flooding into the Australian market, and this has caused great concern for building glass suppliers. An unsuspecting building manager may think they are getting a good deal, when in fact the window will have a much greater cost in the long term through lost efficiency.

It’s critical that you ask if your glazier or building glass supplier is an AGGA accredited member.

The Australian Glass and Glazing Association is the peak body representing state association members and individual companies covering glass manufacturers, processors, merchants, glaziers and suppliers of supporting machinery, services and materials.

Glazing Performance Audit and Remediation Program

Highly-qualified, experienced and accredited project managers and glaziers can provide the right energy efficiency and sound control advice. We'll ensure every facet of your glass project is managed to the highest standards.

From Sydney to Melbourne, Brisbane to the Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth and every town in between across our nation.

Approved by all major insurers, if required, we’ll even look after your building glass insurance claim – easy!

Book a FREE building glass audit 

To learn more about energy efficient windows or to book a building glass audit with the Express Glass team click on the button or contact us on the details below.


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