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Window Films

From anti-graffiti, to solar tinting, to privacy and decorative film, Express Glass can find and apply the right film solution for you.
There are many different types of film that can make for an easy solution to a technical glass problem. Some of the more common examples of window films are:

Security film
Security film provides some extra security to your glass and holds broken glass together when under attack.


Anti-graffiti film
Anti Graffiti film helps prevent your glass being scratched by vandals by being applied on the outside surface. If the film is scratched it can be replaced for a fraction of the cost of replacing your window.


Window tinting
There is a vast range of tinting and solar control options available to suit you specific needs. Contact us to get expert advise on the window film that is right for you.


Imitation sandblast or obscure films
Commonly used in office partitions for privacy or to give an etched look to glass. Sandblast or obscure films come in a variety of different shades and patterns. They can also be computer cut-out to create different pictures or patterns on the glass that are more subtle then printed films..


Decorative vinyl films
These films can be added to a window to block vision or create a visual display. Photo's can be printed on these films to advertise your products or promote your logo or just match a colour scheme, the possibilities are endless.

Our in-house film specialist keeps up-to-date on the latest applied film products and uses and can answer any of your questions about film.

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