Glass Scratch Repair, Replace Scratched Glass, Glass Graffiti Removal

Scratch and Graffiti Removal


Shopfront glass and shop window panes in particular are prone to scratch and graffiti damage through vandals ‘tagging’ the glass, stone chips or chemical damage from cleaners.

Polishing scratches from glass is often a more cost effective solution than glass replacement. Express Glass can polish the scratches out of the glass panel in some cases making it appear as though the scratch was never even there.

To determine the suitability of polishing as a solution, we must consider a range of issues such as potential for distortion, integrity of the glass strength and risk of breakage.

These assessments are best made by a glass expert which is why Express Glass are the right contractor to consult for any scratch or graffiti damaged glass.


Anti Graffiti Film


We also offer preventative solutions such as an anti graffiti film. This is clear film applied to the at risk surface to reduce the likelihood of damage affecting the glass itself. This film has a special adhesive and can be removed leaving minimal or no residue. It is a highly cost effective solution to minimise graffiti damage on windows.

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